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School run taxis in Scarborough

Do your children need a reliable, safe, and hassle free transport to and from school? Our safe, responsible drivers are happy to help. With full DBS checks and references available on request, we offer safe, reliable, and diligent transport for schoolchildren across the Scarborough area. Likewise if busses don't cover your village, our drivers are happy to help cover your school run, and make sure your children get to school safely and on time.

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Why get a taxi?

A taxi is often a safer way for children to travel than bus journeys, which are a hotspot for bullying. They are usually much faster, not having to stop along the way for every pickup, and more comfortable too, giving your children a much better start to their school day and studies than a bumpy bus journey. A taxi also saves walking to and from the bus stop as well, and is a much more personal and safe service overall.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you cover?

For school runs, we cover Scarborough, Bridlington, Malton, Driffield, Whitby, and Pickering.

What kind of car do you use?

We operate a 2019 Ford Mondeo, which is kept in reliable condition and is clean both inside and out.

Do you take cash or cards?

We can accept both methods of payment, and keep a card reader in the vehicle for your convenience.

How much experience do you have as taxi drivers?

We have been working as taxi drivers in Scarborough for 15 years, and know the area very well.

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